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3 oct. 2011

25 sept. 2011

Week #3 | WATCH THIS!

22 sept. 2011

Featured artist: BEATRON [Mexico]

Are you ready to die with BEATRON? This mexican trasher will blow your mind with his awesome productions.

He released just a week ago in SHAX TRAX his track with Widgetron titled "Cock Blocker" in the compilation "Gulf of Aden" SHAX017, and he is constantly dropping powerful tracks.

Take a listen to him!

SHAX017 - Beatron & Widgetron "Cock Blocker" by SHAX TRAX
This world by BE∆TRON!
Crimen & Be∆tron! - Muerte by BE∆TRON!
War! by BE∆TRON!
NATION - Kepler 2.0 (Beatron remix) by BE∆TRON!
Q.G. Razor (BEATRON! remix) by BE∆TRON!
Deadhouse (beatron Rekill) by BE∆TRON!

Featured artist: DRIVEPILOT [US]

DRIVEPILOT is Nick, from the US, and he is dropping a new EP titled "RETALIATION" wich includes 5 blasting and epic tracks.

Some days ago Nick dropped the first single "Sentinel", a powerful, epic and heavy track wich opens the EP. Into it, we can find a track released some months ago, "Every Day", a dubstep tune with a huge bassline. "Rx", "Retaliation" and "Atlantic" are really great tracks too.

Traktor Records is releasing it today,, 22nd september and you can listen it and buy it from here!

Retaliation EP [2011] by DRIVEPILOT

Featured artist: A GIRL & A GUN [US]

She is Sophia, she is from Huntsville (Alabama), she is 21, and she is one of the most prolific artists into electro scene right now.

One of the best voices we've heard into electro is from AG&AG and we are proud to present her to you. She drops about 2 epic tracks each month with his raw and candy voice at the same time.

Never trash has been more tasty! Check her soundcloud to get a lot of downloads!

FREE Download! SUBWOOFER - A Girl & A Gun by A Girl & A Gun
TRIGGERNOMETRY - Geometry & A Girl & A Gun -FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by A Girl & A Gun PARTYSMARTIE - Panzerfaust EP by Dreieck Records

Featured artist: DOLORES [France]

We don't know much about DOLORES, he is a guy from Paris, France, and he drops awesome productions!

He has a unique sound, he is young, we think he started not much ago, but we think he is the future!

Check it out yourself!

Dolores - Sky Trooper by DOLORES
Marylin Manson - This is the new shit ( Dolores remix ) UNMASTERED , FREE DOWNLOAD by DOLORES Dolores - BRAINCUT ( Special Cut EP PREVIEW ) by DOLORES
The Beatles - This Boy ( Dolores REWORK ) by DOLORES
Dolores - Pantera 666 ( Promo Version ) OMGITM mixtape #May by DUMME JUNGS by DOLORES

Featured artist: ARKSHEL [Spain]

Arkshel comes from Spain and you can expect from him from techno to trash, from hip-hop to french-touch, ambient or whatever you want. He is a machine.

He has the opportnity of being the first artist doing a mixtape for Gimme Electro, and what a mixtape!!!

You should taste the sound of Arkshel, is hypnotic! More hypnotic is his ambient side-project named Mypham.

Justice - Civilization (Arkshel Remix) by Arkshel
Boys Noize - Starter (Arkshel Rework) by Arkshel
Arkshel X Gimme Electro Mixtape #1 by Arkshel
Ocean of Tears by Mypham
Deserts (feat. Arkshel) by Mypham
Electron (feat. Arkshel) by Mypham

Featured artist: WITH! [Portugal]

Carlos Luis is With! and he comes from Ponte de Lima (Portugal). He's an upcoming artist wich is getting popular in the little circles of portuguese underground.

You can expect from him electro, nurave, fidget, trash more electro... and more electro!

Check his mixes!

MiniMix2 by Withmusic
first minimix by Withmusic

20 sept. 2011

Video time!

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